As businesses research and consider reasons that they should seek out alternative time-tracking measures like Fingercheck’s online time clock, one of the biggest advantages includes reducing the use of paper. The business world continues to rapidly embrace the trend toward a paper-free office environment with a focus on electronic data and files.

Companies wondering about the benefits of greatly reducing paper use should consider some of the following reasons that lie beyond environmental concerns.

  • Cost Efficiency. Not only do businesses spend less on paper upfront, but when it comes to searching for files, it is far easier to do a keyword search on the computer to come up with the appropriate document. Additionally, they save costs on maintaining and storing files.
  • Security and Privacy. The locks on filing cabinets work more as a general warning to staff that they aren’t meant to see the files in a locked cabinet. When companies store sensitive files in the cloud or in a file location in the internal system, there is little risk of someone seeing documents who are not supposed to. This reason is particularly important for human resources professionals.
  • Safety from Damage. Paper files can burn and incur water damage. When businesses store files electronically, the company’s IT department backs up files in cloud storage or on a central disk that is often off the premises, online or in the cloud.
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