It’s hard to imagine employees would be enthusiastic about anything when it comes to company policy. After all, as far as procedure and protocol are concerned, HR guidelines are typically adhered to out of necessity, not enthusiasm.

However, while consistent attendance is a routine expectation in any job, the opportunity to self-manage one’s own hours with professional time clock software isn’t. Company-wide access to a professional system empowers employees to proactively take their attendance into their own hands.  Here are five-time clock software benefits they can celebrate about:

Here are five timeclock software benefits they can celebrate about:

Easy Clocking

Gone are the days of having to clock in and out with paper time cards. Web-based solutions offer a whole range of punch methods that employees can use to clock in and out, like punching in online, via mobile app, or at a biometric time clock.

Flexibility in Reviewing Time Worked

Every employee wants to make sure the hours they work are the hours they are actually paid for, especially if they work overtime. By turning to a web-based time and attendance system, businesses can sign their employees up for self-service accounts they can use to oversee their own attendance, including the hours they work every day. This useful feature can be used as a means of verifying hours for accuracy without needing to have to wait until they receive their pay stub.

Accurate Job Costing

Sophisticated time and attendance systems have multi-level job costing to categorize the way employees spend their time at work. For instance, if your employees have more complex arrangements in which they travel to different job sites or do a different job/task each day, they can punch in with those details so that you always know what they’re up to, and they get the rate they are owed.

Clocking For All

Some occupations can be challenging to accurately time track, such as traveling salesmen or drivers on the go. If they’re always moving around, it can be a hassle for them to try and document every single thing they do. However, with on-the-go clocking such as by mobile apps with GPS tracking, they can clock accurately and review their punches later as well.

Access to Personal Tools

Employees get access to all kinds of tools when they log into the employee version of their employer’s software. Using FingerCheck, employees can review their hours and punch times, view their current total hours for the pay period, make absence requests, keep track of their PTO, view their current and upcoming schedules, and digitally sign to approve their time cards.

When businesses invest in a professional time and attendance system, the return on their investment is ten-fold. Their company image is given a professional polish and employees feel a sense of inclusion being given industry-grade tools to help them manage their worked time.

Business moves such as these increase employee motivation and communicate to employees that their input is important and valuable. To show your employees you appreciate their contributions, sign up for a time and attendance system today.

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