For workers that aren’t in the office, clocking in can be just as easy using a time clock with 3G connectivity. These time clocks are great for all types of remote employees that work at off-site locations.

Construction companies, electricians, plumbers, and more, often use a portable attendance system so that their workers can clock in no matter where the job site is. The Fingerprint Time Clock with 3G Service, available for $749, gives the time clock a connection to the internet when there’s no WiFi. The 3G sim card sends data directly to the cloud from any location. The monthly cost is $35.

This employee time clock software gives employers the choice of having employees log in with a fingerprint, RFID card, or a password. Up to 12,000 users can use one terminal. If employees have smartphones, they can clock on with the Fingercheck app or on Twitter. Other options are calling in or texting.

The GPS location can also be recorded to ensure that employees are actually on-site when they clock in. If you want the security of a fingerprint time clock though, the Fingerprint Time Clock with 3G Service is the way to go.

Learn about all of the attendance system options from Fingercheck.

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