By: Fingercheck Feb 24, 2016

Three More Reasons to Allow Employees to Work Remotely

Remote working arrangements are potentially more productive, cost-effective, and attractive to employees. But wait — there are even more reasons to explore whether remote or flexible work options are right for your team!

Sweeten the Pot for Potential Recruits

People want flexibility. According to Career Builder, a flexible schedule and the opportunity to work from home are more important than job title to job seekers. Providing these options is an easy way to bolster a job offer, especially if you’re short on the salary side. Not only can remote and flexible work options help you recruit and retain talent for less, but it may also actually save you money in the long run!

Make Management Easier

Use a web-based time clock to manage your employees. Online time clocks are increasingly user friendly, as are companion features such as mobile applications. The great thing about these systems is that they can be accessed by anyone, anywhere–so your office workers and remote workers are all clocked in one, virtual place.

Concerned about the security of these systems? The latest time tracking technology includes features to safeguard you and your employees. These include biometric verification, geofencing, and photo capture to make sure everyone is where–and who–they should be.

Increase Diversity

Here’s something we don’t hear talked about so much: flexible work options make it possible for people in different geographical areas and of all mobility levels and social situations contribute to your organization. Think of it this way; your customers probably aren’t just the kind of people who come into identical offices in identical neighbors.

They are likely spread out across the county, state, country, or even world. Some likely have physical limitations. Some likely need to be at home to care for their families. Some prefer to live in rural environments.

Having people on your team who are in these diverse situations and locations gives you access to their insights on how your product or service is relevant to their lives. Just make sure you harness that insight by staying connected with your remote workers and regularly solicit their feedback.

Have you’re worked remotely or managed remote workers? We’d love to hear about your experiences, and your tips for reaping the potential rewards of this situation.

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