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Katherine is a New York-based digital writer who joined Fingercheck in 2015. She promotes Fingercheck through the power of the written word. She graduated from Fordham University with a B.A. in Communications and Media Studies with a focus on Journalism. Connect with her on LinkedIn

By: Katherine Muniz Jan 07, 2016

9 Ways to Use Your Time Clock Software More Effectively

FingerCheck is a versatile time clock software solution that offers customizable features many other employee time clock software systems don't. Here are nine ways to use our software that you may not have thought of: 1. Set Up Punch A
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By: Katherine Muniz Apr 01, 2015

New Mobile App Feature: Capture Photo With Mobile Punch

Now within FingerCheck you can prompt your employees to take a photo whenever they punch using the mobile app. This useful and creative feature can be used by employees to take a picture of anything, whether it be themselves or a speci
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By: Fingercheck Sep 30, 2014

Google Autofills Addresses Within FingerCheck

When entering an address into FingerCheck, Google will now give you address suggestions. The most common use for this new feature is within the Employee tab. Whether you are adding a new employee (by clicking on Add and filling out the info
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By: Fingercheck Aug 13, 2014

Making the Most of Your Time at Work

An online time clock is a great tool to help you stay on top of your work and be held accountable for the results that you produce. On occasion, you're even lucky enough to finish your work early! Don't just sit around and stare out your co
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