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By: Fingercheck Jan 15, 2014

Avoiding Distractions at Work

Distractions that lure you and your employees away from work can greatly reduce performance and production. A few simple changes in work habits and the tools used to promote productivity can help you avoid distractions at work. Tips and To
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By: Fingercheck Jan 08, 2014

How to Beat Writer’s (Worker’s) Block

Whether you are composing an email to a client or a press release for your company, if your job requires you to write on a regular basis, and many do, you are going to face the inevitable writer's block at times. With the right strategie
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By: Fingercheck Jan 02, 2014

Tips for Staying Energized Through the Work Day

Staying energized throughout the workday can help you and your staff increase performance, while also boosting employee morale. There are many things you can do to promote energy throughout your small or medium business. Try some of these t
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By: Fingercheck Nov 18, 2013

The Quest for Maps

If your job requires you to travel frequently, there are a couple of apps you'll want to have handy on your phone: a time clock application to record your hours and a map program to get where you're going (and maybe find a coffee shop or a
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