Merle M. Capello, CPP, is the Director of Payroll Compliance at Fingercheck. Merle has 25 years of experience spearheading the development, enhancement, and transfer of payroll and HRIS operations. She also serves as President of Capcill Consulting.

By: Merle Capello CPP Aug 15, 2016

A Guide to Creating Written Payroll Procedures

Payroll processing may be tedious and repetitious, but it is also crucial to the success of any organization. Why? Because everyone wants to be paid, and no one wants an incorrect paycheck. Even if an error occurs, the team and the comp
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By: Katherine Muniz Jun 07, 2016

Paying Employees for On-Call Time and Travel Time

If you have on-call employees or employees traveling for the business, quick question -- how do you pay them? If you're unsure of the answer or questioning whether your existing arrangement is legally compliant, look to federal law to defin
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By: Merle Capello CPP Jun 03, 2016

Escheatment, Abandoned Property and Payroll

The common law principle governing unclaimed property is called “escheat.” Under English common law, it was a rule that returned or surrendered the property to a lord or to the Crown if no lawful heir could inherit it. The concept of
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By: Katherine Muniz Mar 30, 2016

Biweekly Overtime: When Is It Appropriate?

Typically, overtime is owed to nonexempt employees after exceeding working 40 hours in a workweek or, in some states, exceeding working 8 hours in a day. However, not all overtime is calculated on a daily or weekly basis. In certain indu
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