Stefano is a seasoned marketing professional and writer with diverse industry experience. Born and raised in NYC, he holds a Journalism degree from Queens College, and is currently the Head of Marketing at Fingercheck.

By: Stefano Tromba Sep 17, 2020

Restarting The Paycheck Protection Program

A push to restart the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is in the works. GOP lawmakers unveiled a proposal yesterday to reopen applications for the unspent $138 billion from the small business loan program. Lawmakers will also seek ou
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By: Stefano Tromba Sep 02, 2020

The Latest on the Stimulus Bill Soap Opera

As both Republicans and Democrats wrangle over the amount of a second COVID-19 related stimulus bill, Americans patiently wait. And wait. And wait. Currently, the Republicans are considering a new $500 billion stimulus bill while Democra
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