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By: Katherine Muniz Dec 16, 2016

Observing Federal Holidays When They Fall on the Weekend

This year, both Christmas and New Year's Day fall on the weekend. So what does that mean for your employees? You decide. While you aren't required to give employees the day off for any holiday, most employers at least give employees the da
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By: Fingercheck Jan 19, 2016

Three Workplace Trends Transforming 2016

It may still seem like business as usual back at the office, but according to many top HR analysts, 2016 is positioned to be a big year in the evolution of the American workplace! Here are some of the big trends expected to shake things up
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By: Fingercheck Dec 23, 2015

Four Simple New Year’s Resolutions For Professionals

Personal goals, like losing weight or getting in shape, tend to dominate New Year’s resolutions. But in the age of work-life integration, it’s especially worthwhile to consider adding some professional goals to your list. Not only will
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