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By: Fingercheck Jul 22, 2014

3G Time Clock for Off-Site Employees

For workers that aren't in the office, clocking in can be just as easy using a time clock with 3G connectivity. These time clocks are great for all types of remote employees that work at off-site locations. Construction companies, elect
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By: Fingercheck Jul 01, 2014

What is Buddy Punching and How Do You Stop It?

"Hey! Will you clock in for me today? I'm running a bit late." This message is one that many employees have sent to a coworker that they're friends with. This is buddy punching - one employee signs another one in. While they see it as helpi
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By: Fingercheck Apr 25, 2014

Fingerprint Time Clocks for Restaurant Employees

Anyone who's ever been a waiter at a restaurant, barista at a cafe, or bartender at a bar knows that things can get very busy. The service industry demands a quick pace to keep customers and managers happy. Anything to make your day more ef
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