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By: Fingercheck Apr 25, 2014

Fingerprint Time Clocks for Restaurant Employees

Anyone who's ever been a waiter at a restaurant, barista at a cafe, or bartender at a bar knows that things can get very busy. The service industry demands a quick pace to keep customers and managers happy. Anything to make your day more ef
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By: Fingercheck Apr 02, 2014

Employee Time Tracking: Why It Benefits Interns

One of the benefits of employee time clocks is that they help to build accountability into project management for both individuals and teams. One of the benefits for interns is that time tracking software helps them to document hours wor
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By: Fingercheck Mar 19, 2014

Benefits of Going Paperless with an Online Time Clock

As businesses research and consider reasons that they should seek out alternative time-tracking measures like Fingercheck's online time clock, one of the biggest advantages includes reducing the use of paper. The business world continues to
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By: Fingercheck Dec 23, 2013

Workspaces: Keeping Desks Clean and Organized

While some say a messy desk is a sign of creative genius, the truth is a clean organized workspace allows for more creativity and innovation. There's a better flow of energy -- a sort of feng shui effect when your desk is uncluttered and or
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