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By: Stefano Tromba Apr 15, 2020

Get Your IRS Stimulus Check Faster!

The first round of IRS stimulus checks is set to arrive this week.  However, millions of Americans who are still waiting can follow these steps to get their checks sooner. Checks, totaling $1,200 for qualifying individuals, with banking
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By: Stefano Tromba Apr 14, 2020

Key Steps to Re-Starting the U.S. Economy

If you ask Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government's top infectious disease expert, he'll tell you that until the U.S. implements critical testing and tracing procedures. we cannot get fully back to business. “We have to have something in place
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By: Stefano Tromba Apr 13, 2020

Google Commits $800M to COVID-19 Affected Small Biz Owners

Google joins the long list of big businesses offering a hand to small biz owners affected by COVID-19. Earlier in the month Fingercheck reported that Facebook, YELP! and Amazon, each initiated efforts to offer financial support small busine
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By: Stefano Tromba Apr 07, 2020

Financial Resources Small Businesses May Not Know About!

As states across the nation feverishly work to approve emergency funding for struggling small businesses, many are cutting staff while others ponder shuttering their doors altogether. However, help for small businesses doesn't start and end
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