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By: Katherine Muniz Feb 22, 2017

How Many Ways Can Employees Cheat When Clocking In?

Employee time theft takes many forms, and can be defined as whenever employees are on the clock but not on-the-job. Despite every intent to build an honest equitable employee base, employee time theft persists as an ongoing payroll and
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By: Katherine Muniz Aug 26, 2015

The Benefits of Using a Biometric Time Clock

While biometrics have been used to positively identify criminals for over a century, this technology is rapidly growing to verify identity in non-conventional sectors. These modern-day applications include mobile-based banking, devic
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By: Fingercheck Jun 08, 2015

Selfie Your Way To a Happier, More Connected Workplace

Selfies have come a long way in their brief existence, and now come in a seemingly endless number of genres--gym selfies, woke up like this selfies, even shelfies. The latest selfie craze? Office selfies, and office selfie contests! Sel
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By: Fingercheck Jul 01, 2014

What is Buddy Punching and How Do You Stop It?

"Hey! Will you clock in for me today? I'm running a bit late." This message is one that many employees have sent to a coworker that they're friends with. This is buddy punching - one employee signs another one in. While they see it as helpi
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