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By: Fingercheck Jul 16, 2015

Three Reasons to Let Your Employees Work Remotely

Whether you’re seeking to bolster your argument on the benefits of telecommuting, or a skeptic interested in more info, here are some of the top reasons to consider allowing your team to work remotely. Increases Productivity Research su
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By: Katherine Muniz May 04, 2015

5 Time Tracking Advantages for Employees

It's hard to imagine employees would be enthusiastic about anything when it comes to company policy. After all, as far as procedure and protocol are concerned, HR guidelines are typically adhered to out of necessity, not enthusiasm. Ho
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By: Fingercheck Jun 06, 2014

Tracking Employee Benefits with Fingercheck

Does your business have both part-time and full-time employees? Are there different benefits for each type of employee? When it comes to part-time versus full-time workers, there are a lot of reasons that keeping track of the two is impo
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