By: Ben Douglas Jan 13, 2022

Social Media Tips for a Great 2022

In the current climate, it’s undeniable that social media plays an essential role in how the public views your business.

Are you a fun and creative company intent on capturing an audience with witticisms and cleverness? Perhaps you are in an industry that deals heavily with precise data or serious subject matter, and you want to be seen as an authority in your field.

Either way, how you position yourself in the social media sphere is a clear representation of how the world at large sees your business.

Employees’ Online Behavior Affects You

Each person employed at your company is a direct extension of your business. That means that regardless of how you showcase yourself online, your workers are an inevitable extenuation of that, as they represent you as well as themselves. An employee’s social profile that shows behavior not aligned with your company’s ethics or mission can be problematic.

Of course, when it comes to monitoring and managing employee social media, you must adhere to the privacy guidelines set forth by the National Labor Relations Board. Your employees also need to follow the guidelines set out by the NLRA, such as not defaming co-workers and other similar rules.

Practices to Ensure Healthy Company and Employee Profiles

The new year is the perfect time to update your employee handbook, and a focus on social media practices is a great way to manage things accordingly. As a business owner, you have every right to assert rules regarding social media activities.

First, look at the previous year’s policies and see what needs to be updated. Remember, your employees’ socials are not an enemy; in fact, they can be beneficial in spreading awareness about your business and keeping you at the forefront of your industry’s conversation.

Since a crucial aspect of any business’s advertising is word-of-mouth, socials can be utilized to drum up personalized interest in your products, services, and deliverables — and to drive new clients to your site.

Don’t forget that all employees represent the company, not just the marketing team, so encourage everyone from the IT department to sales to HR to post positively about your business.

Set Your HR Practices Right

The new year is the perfect time for a clean start of all your HR practices, including revisiting your employee handbook guidelines.

The Fingercheck platform was designed to help businesses easily manage daily business functions such as Payroll, Employee Onboarding, and various other HR Management functions.

We also offer additional HR Concierge services to help you establish employee handbooks and legal guidelines.

For more information, please get in touch with us today and learn how we can help you run your business more efficiently.

Ben is a sales representative at Fingercheck and is devoted to helping businesses solve their HR problems through solutions that are modern, automatic, and efficient. He is also an aspiring writer and is working on his first novel.

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