General Questions

Do I need HR software?

We here at Fingercheck strive to provide a truly All-in-One HR experience that offers features such as detailed reports custom-made, self-servicing to streamline the employee onboarding process, and geo-fencing for all your job sites. To learn more about all that we offer, you can contact our sales team via email at

What packages does Fingercheck offer for businesses?

Fingercheck currently offers two different packages for clients:

Fingercheck 360: The 360 Payroll package is more suited for businesses who need an all-in-one HR software to handle not only employee attendance but also paying employees and handling taxes. Some of the features this package offers are:

  • All-encompassing payroll previews and reports.
  • Custom-tailored general ledger exports for QuickBooks.
  • Automatic generation of W2 and 1099 forms for all employees.
  • Pay-as-you-go Workers’ Compensation insurance plans.
  • Modular pay schedules for your time table.
  • Year-end reports and filings.

Pricing for this starts at $79 per month for a minimum of five employees and $8 per each employee after.

Time and Attendance: The Time and Attendance package is geared towards businesses that require a comprehensive and organized way to keep track of their employees’ hours. Some of the features that are included in this package are:

  • Custom accrual policies to account for employee Paid Time Off (PTO).
  • Geographic job fencing by location to prevent employees from clocking in and out from non-designated sites.
  • Live map of all employee locations powered by Google Maps.
  • Custom reports that can be built to your specifications.
  • Automated reports sent by email.
  • Comprehensive exports for payroll data.

Pricing for this package starts at $35 per month for a minimum of five employees and $3 per each employee after.

To find out more about each package and what features we offer for each, you can look at our pricing tool here or contact one of our sales representatives via phone at 1(800) 610-9501 or via email at

Where does Fingercheck currently offer payroll services?

To see what states Fingercheck currently operates in, you can click here to view a list of where we do business and what you will need tax-wise in order to operate as a business.

Do I need a minimum amount of employees to have an account with Fingercheck?

Nope! There is no minimum amount required to open an account with Fingercheck. However, you will be charged the price equivalent to having five employees as a minimum.

Is there a way that I can see how Fingercheck works?

Yes! By clicking the link here, you can schedule a live demonstration with one of our representatives who will reach out to confirm a time that works best for you.

Where can I go if I have any questions about Fingercheck or need help with an issue?

Once you have partnered with us at Fingercheck, if you ever need help navigating the system or if you need assistance using one of our features, you can always speak to our team of support specialists via phone at 1(800) 610-9501, email at, or using our chat tool that is built into the platform.

What tools will be available to help me when I’m starting out with Fingercheck?

When first starting to build your company profile with Fingercheck, you will be greeted by our “Setup Wizard” at the top of the dashboard to guide you step-by-step on finishing completing your account! We also have a vast library of tutorial videos available for you to view whenever you need them. They can be found by clicking the “Tutorial Videos” button located in the top right corner of the screen. Below, you can see a video that details the setup wizard.

Payroll and Tax-Related Questions

What do I need to get started processing payroll with Fingercheck?

If you are coming to Fingercheck from another payroll provider, we require that you provide us with Year-to-Date payroll information for the prior fiscal year. To read more about what we require and how to run the reports, click here for step-by-step guides.

If you are a new corporation starting to process payrolls for the first time, one of our designated Implementation Specialists will help you gather all the necessary information to begin processing payroll and take full advantage of all that our software has to offer. Some of the information that you will need includes:

  • Your Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  • State registration information for your company.

I also use QuickBooks to keep track of my payroll data. Does Fingercheck have anything that can help import my data more easily?

Yes! Our General Ledger software helps to create a bridge between your payroll data and your QuickBooks account to ensure that your payrolls can be imported and organized into their respective accounts seamlessly.

What do I need from my employees to successfully add them to my payroll runs?

Fingercheck makes the process of bringing employees into your company much more streamlined through our employee self-onboarding process! Through this method, employees can enter in all their personal information such as their number of dependents and SSN, while also uploading any supporting documents required to work in the United States (documents such as passports, driver’s licenses, and birth certificates).

Once you have all those details, you can begin to classify them according to their tax type and have them fill out the necessary documents like the Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification), Form W-4 (Employee’s Withholding Certificate), and the Form W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification *used for independent contractors*).

Is there a way I can have a designated login for my accountant?

There is! We offer a portal especially designed for accountants to securely access your payroll data, any tax-related forms, and general ledger exports. To learn more, you can refer to the “For Accountants” page located here.

How can I find out more about tax laws and requirements for my state?

To find out how Fingercheck handles taxes in your state, we have an article here that contains a list of each state we currently do business in, broken down by geographical region of the United States.

Does Fingercheck offer Workers’ Compensation insurance as well?

Yes! For companies that wish to have insurance for their employees, we offer a “Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation” policy through our Fingercheck Insurance Agency that automatically incorporates your insurance premium payments into your scheduled payroll runs, making it more manageable than traditional insurance policies. By streamlining the auditing process, we eliminate the added stresses that come with gathering data from employees.

Click here to read more about our insurance offers and to get started with Fingercheck Pay-As-You-Go Insurance!

Is there a way I can run a report to see data like total employee hours and wages?

There is! We offer a plethora of comprehensive reports from employee payroll data, to PPP forgiveness calculation that organize your data in a neat and easy-to-read format. You can read our article here that contains a step-by-step guide on the necessary steps to take to run one of our pre-made reports.

You can watch this video below to learn how to make a custom report of your own or feel free to contact our support specialists to assist you as well.

Where can I find my quarterly and annual documents?

By navigating to the “Payroll Dashboard”, and selecting the “Forms and Notices” option, you can locate your quarterly packets and annual documents! The quarterly packets will be posted to your Fingercheck account by the second to third week after quarter-end.

Feature Related Questions

Do you offer a report that calculates how much each job costs us when we process payroll with Fingercheck?

We have a report in our system called “Payroll Register By Cost”, which will give you a breakdown of the total cost of each job listed underneath your company.

I run a construction company that has multiple sites to manage. How can I make sure that my employees are only able to clock in and out from the job site itself?

Fingercheck offers a feature called “Job Fencing” that allows you to set up a geofence around your job sites to restrict employees from clocking in or out anywhere but the specified site! This feature is designed to work exclusively for employees that clock in and out using our mobile app.

Does Fingercheck offer anything in the way of scheduling?

Fingercheck allows you to create pre-set schedules for your employees in order to have organized shifts set up any way you want! Below, you can view our video on how the scheduling process works.

Clock Related Questions

Do you have a clock that can detect if someone is wearing a mask?

Yes! We offer a unit called the “Face ID 5” that uses facial recognition technology designed to scan the face of those standing in front of its camera and detect if the user is wearing a mask. We also offer the “Face ID 5/TD” which has the additional feature of measuring a user’s temperature as well. For more information, you can contact our sales department via email at

What alternatives do you offer that are similar to clock devices?

We offer clients an app named “Fingercheck Time Clock” that is designed to set up a tablet device to function the same as a clock! When using the tablet as a clock device, there is an additional $10 per month charge to your Fingercheck subscription for each device.

What methods can my employee use to punch in and out?

Depending on which clock device you have, employees can punch in and out using the following options:

  • Passcode (clock)
  • Fingerprint (clock)
  • Face ID (clock)
  • RFID card (clock)
  • Fingercheck Mobile App (phone)
  • Fingercheck Time Clock (tablet device)
  • SMS punch (phone)

Where can I find out more about all the different clocks that Fingercheck offers?

If you click on the link here, you can see the different clocks that Fingercheck has to offer! You can also speak to our sales representatives either via phone at 1(800) 610-9501 ext. 201 or via email at

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