Key Tips for Saving Money on Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is a necessary expense for all-size businesses, as having a policy of some nature is ubiquitously state-mandated. Workers’ Comp was developed not only to ease medical-related costs of employees injured in the workplace but also to cover for lost wages during the time employees can’t work. Depending on the “class” that your

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The Danger and Hidden Costs of Outdated Technologies

Corporations historically have made decisions based on stability and functionality when considering new technologies, investing in solutions that increase productivity. Yet still, a survey of nearly 3,000 U.S. working adults found that U.S. businesses lose up to $1.8 billion each year in wasted productivity due to obsolete technology. According to the survey, workers spend an

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Why Now May Be a Great Time to Start a New Business in NYC

A new generation of restaurants, stores, and businesses are springing up in New York City – a year after the pandemic wreaked havoc on small business owners. According to Dan Clark of the New York City Economic Development Corporation, “business development in the city is the busiest it has been since last March.” What is

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child counting money

Expanded Child Tax Credit Monthly Payments Start Today!

Starting today – July 15, families with children will receive more money due to the expanded Child Tax Credit. Working families can expect to receive up to $3,600 per child under the age of six, or $3,000 per under the age of 18. The credit would come as a monthly payment of up to $300

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Small Business Funding is Still Available if You Look in the Right Place

Even as federal Covid-19 relief programs end, like the Paycheck Protection Program, it’s likely your business may still need financial help. Last month, a survey by Yahoo Small Business reported half of the country’s smallest businesses continue to struggle due to the pandemic. The survey showed that just 38% of microbusinesses (those with fewer than

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4th of July

SBA Opens Targeted EIDL Cash Grants to Small Businesses

Small businesses around the country are being urged to apply for the Small Business Administration’s Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) and its Targeted (EIDL) Advance Grant Program. This is aimed at helping those businesses most impacted by the pandemic and those who applied for the program last year that did not receive full financial assistance. SBA

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amazon box

Amazon: Are They Really That Bad for Small Business? 

With Amazon’s ‘Prime Day’ here, we ask how the online retailer impacts small businesses in good and bad ways. We recall the 2017 retail bankruptcy filings of iconic brick and mortar stores like RadioShack, Toys R Us, Payless Shoes, and more recently, Sears and Modell’s Sporting Goods. The decline of these and others was due

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pay stub

The Difference Between a Paycheck and a Pay Stub

Ah, payday. We all look forward to it. But what’s the difference between a paycheck and a pay stub. We break it down for you. What’s on a Paycheck? For starters, a paycheck is a physical (paper) check made out to the employee for the amount to be paid based on their salary or hours

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asking for a raise

Asking for a Raise? — How and When to do it

Being nervous is one thing that usually accompanies asking your employer for a raise – confidence should be another. After all, if you don’t feel confident about deserving a raise, your boss won’t feel confident about giving you one either. So, put your nerves aside and read our tips on how and when to ask

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Improving Cash Flow for Small Business Owners

Cash is King. It’s certainly what every business needs, no matter what your profit margins or overall revenue is. But what happens when cash flow runs thin? A few things can cause thin cash flow or not being able to access cash. Sometimes, it could be tied up in unsold inventory or receivables. In either

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