By: Fingercheck May 22, 2015

Seven Reasons to Hire A Veteran

Hiring veterans isn’t just patriotic–it’s good for business. While this weekend is about remembering the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, it’s also a good time to remember the many, many veterans struggling to re-enter the workforce. Here are our top reasons to hire a veteran.


To be successful in the armed forces, one needs to be able to exercise a high level of discipline. From waking up early to making the bed each day, to regular workouts–these are people who understand how to put professional goals before personal desires. Veterans understand how to stay organized and get things done.

Respect for Procedure

Procedures are as integral to the workplace as they are to the military. Veterans have an innate understanding of the importance of these systems and how they contribute to the success of an enterprise as a whole.

Interpersonal Skills


The armed forces are very diverse–often more so than the average office. Veterans have experience working with people from different ethnic, social, and financial backgrounds than their own. That understanding is a plus for internal and customer-facing responsibilities.

Understand Health and Wellness

Veterans are trained in at least basic first aid. They also understand the benefits of physical fitness, which is great for the body and the mind. Evidence suggests that employees who work out regularly and eat well enjoy enhanced creativity and productivity.

Built-in Networks

Veterans are part of one of the greatest, closest knit networks in the country. This puts them in a unique position to connect with other veterans, be they clients or potential employees.


Members of the armed forces are expected to uphold a strict ethical standard. When you hire a veteran, you are hiring someone with a demonstrated track record of honesty and morality.


The military forges leaders–people who respect structure, and understand how to confidently and competently direct others while still maintaining a common bond. This makes veterans particularly strong candidates for management positions.

Looking for qualified veterans to join your team? Hire Heroes and the Wounded Warrior Project offer great resources for getting started. Considering hiring a disabled veteran? Offering flexible or remote worker options is a great way to ensure that you are able to accommodate veterans with mobility issues or other conditions that may interfere with their ability to work in a traditional office.

Please contact us directly if you are interested in discussing our time tracking options for remote workers.

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