From Qualified Candidate to Productive Employee

Fingercheck’s employee self-onboarding dashboard consolidates information to automate the transition phase. Direct Deposit and forms like W-4s and I-9s are populated automatically, enabling complete digital onboarding, eliminating paperwork, and reducing errors and audit risk.

The easier transition for new hires means faster integration into the team. Increase efficiency and productivity while maintaining employee engagement and retention.

Real Time Progress Monitoring
Real Time Progress Monitoring

Monitor Progress
in Real-Time

Log onto the portal at any point to monitor the onboarding process, and effectively eliminate the need to ask employees for regular status updates.

Custom Agreements at Your Fingertips
Custom Agreements at Your Fingertips

Custom Agreements
at Your Fingertips

Efficiently administer paperwork by uploading and selecting document templates during onboarding. Fingercheck auto-loads employee info for them to sign online.

One Connected Experience
One Connected Experience

One Connected

Since Fingercheck is 100% mobile-friendly, users can complete the entire onboarding process online using their smartphone. New hires can also get to know the team with helpful access to the company directory.


  • 100% paperless onboarding
  • Employees self-onboard
  • Auto-generates signed I-9s and W-4s
  • Generate custom contracts
  • Electronic signature
  • Onboard on mobile
  • Pay method selection
  • New hire reporting
  • Generates compliance documents
  • Agreement copies shared with employees
  • Geographical tax engine

Onboarding is a Breeze

With self-onboarding, your new employee can easily set up everything they’ll need in minutes, using the
Fingercheck onboarding platform.

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