Face ID WiFi – Facial Recognition Time Clock


Just like the Face ID facial recognition time clock, the Face ID WiFi time clock is a resilient, durable time clock that scans facial features for identity verification. It holds 10,000 RFID card templates, 400 facial templates, and works wirelessly!



Whether you are working in construction, the food industry, or anywhere in between, there are some jobs where no matter what, your hands will get dirty. Your hard work is appreciated and you shouldn’t lose time due to the inability to punch. The Face ID Wifi, facial recognition time clock, uses high-quality infrared cameras to scan your facial features and verify your identity. The Face ID is designed to cater to the demand for a contactless solution in biometrics recognition while maintaining its quality performance and high reliability.¬†Fingercheck¬†will help you stay on top of your employee’s work time. With one look, they’re good to go!


  • Biometric Facial Recognition
  • RFID Card/PIN Clock In
  • Real-Time Data with Push Technolog
  • WiFi Capability
  • 10,000 RFID Card Templates
  • 400 Facial Templates
  • Plug ‘N Play Internet Ready
  • Touch Screen
  • DHCP or Static Connections
  • Accepts Offline Punches
  • Work Code Enabled
  • Keeps Data When Power Down