Our developers are in the process of modifying, updating, and redesigning our browser-based mobile app to include our newer mobile app features in a sleek, user-friendly format.

The update, which will soon be live, will improve the browser-based experience for mobile users who regularly use our browser-based app, which can be opened in the browser of any phone or smart device.

Specific updates to the mobile app will include design improvements, added features, and quick fixes. New features include multi-factor authentication, the employee directory, employee pay history, and a new dashboard pie chart showing employee’s last pay.

The last two features are exclusive to FingerCheck360 enabled users. The browser-based mobile app is a workaround that makes the mobile app available on any mobile device, which is important because the native mobile app is available for download only for Android and iPhones.

Users who use Amazon, Windows, Blackberry phones, etc. can go to m.fingercheck.com from their smart device to use a browser-based version of the mobile app that is nearly identical in design and functionality to the native mobile app.

The browser-based mobile app also provides a readily available alternative to using the native mobile app in the event that it glitches. We expect the update to go live within the next week or two, and when it does, we would love to hear any feedback you have. You can shoot us an email at Info@FingerCheck.com or give us a call at 1-800-610-9501.

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