We are excited to share that our newest feature on the mobile app is the ability to assign, edit, and view work schedules. Employees logging into the mobile app can now see the schedules their employers have assigned to them, and conversely, employers can now create schedules, assign schedules, and edit existing schedules. Previously these capabilities were only possible via computer.

Our sleek new “Schedule” page is designed with a navigation bar to adjust the month and a smaller navigation bar that displays the workweek. Notice the arrows on both sides which allow you to navigate from month to month and week to week. For employers, three boxes are displayed underneath the navigational bars that show how many employees are scheduled to be working, scheduled to be absent, and not scheduled at all.

Under that sits a list of employees, all of which are clickable so that administrators can tap on each employee to view and edit their specific schedule. Within each employee’s schedule, you can enter their work type (work, absent, or not scheduled), start and end time, and assign them different departments or jobs.

Employees logging in via the mobile app will now be able to view their current schedule and navigate to upcoming schedules effortlessly.

Within their schedule, they can readily see their start and end time and where they are scheduled to be for the day. Built to reflect the cost center levels set up by their employer, employees can get down to the minutiae of their schedule and view what job and task they are scheduled for each day.

Our new Schedule function has been a long time coming, and we are glad to be introducing this new feature which we hope adds to the convenience that has come to be known with the FingerCheck brand.

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