Now within FingerCheck, you can prompt your employees to take a photo whenever they punch using the mobile app.

This useful and creative feature can be used by employees to take a picture of anything, whether it be themselves or a specific job site (although our GPS tracking already lets you know their location).

This feature will allow you to be certain that your employees are truly punching themselves and/or upholding company policies. Depending upon how lax your employee restrictions are, you can add another level of security by requiring employees to photograph themselves.

Whatever your reasons, you have a brand new feature to take advantage of that comes included in your FingerCheck account. To get started on configuring your employees’ mobile punch settings, you can select an employee within your “Employee” tab and then select web access to check the box that says “Take Photo on Mobile Punch.”

Once that’s done, your employees will be required to take a photo of themselves in order to make a successful punch.  To check the pictures your employees take, go to the “Time Card” tab and select the employee whose punch activity you would like to see, and navigate to the day and punch you want to review, as shown below:

Click into their punch and you will be able to see their photo by clicking on the icon in the right corner of the “Time Punch” window that appears, like so:

You can also view your employees’ punch photos on the mobile app by going to “Daily Details,” and then selecting an employee. Once you do that you can click on the pencil icon (edit) on a specific punch to view their information in more detail. You’ll notice a small picture icon on the top right, click on it to see the picture.

Now you’re all set! You can confidently trust that your company is running smoothly with the support of FingerCheck.

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