If you use Quickbooks or Quickbooks Online for your accounting, you can now run your payroll from FingerCheck360 with the option of generating a General Ledger export file that breaks down your expenses and liabilities detail-by-detail for every check.

Simply provide your customer service rep with your chart of accounts from Quickbooks for each payroll item and we can give you a full breakdown of your financial transactions.

We’ll map your expenses to the correct items, and provide you with a ledger that records each of your transactions as credits and debits in order to give you a running activity total.

Each time you run payroll, you can click on General Ledger to export the costs of your entire payroll. On the back end, we’ll post the accounts to an API behind the scenes so you can have all the information you need to assess your monthly expenses.

You can even set up an automatic job that will run the general ledger each time your payroll is exported so you don’t have to manually do so. This feature is available for immediate use for all customers using Quickbooks or Quickbooks Online.

FingerCheck360 is going beyond time tracking and payroll in order to give you a more comprehensive, inclusive solution to support your workforce management. Please leave us feedback on any new features you would like to see.

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