Our “Employee Selection” tool has been upgraded with a new search bar that allows administrators to quickly filter employees by name.

This functionality is integrated into many routine actions performed using FingerCheck, such as running reports on select employees within the Report Tab or performing mass entry actions for select employees within the Time Card tab.

Simply begin by typing a name in the “Search Employees” field. As you type, the tool will filter through the employee names and pulls the matching name to the top, like so:

Obviously the more employees you have the bigger the convenience this new search bar will be. In the example shown above, there are only six employees listed which is why you only see it being highlighted, not raised to the top.

It also happens to be the last name in alphabetical order, but if you had a long list of employees, the tool would automatically jump to the name wherever it is placed within the list and allow you to select it.

Companies with large staffs can now easily filter their employees by name and reduce the time it takes to locate specific employees. Have an idea? Please leave us feedback on the features you want to see by emailing info@fingercheck.com.

We care about getting rid of the stress and hassle in managing your employees so you can return to what truly matters – running your business.

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