Staying energized throughout the workday can help you and your staff increase performance, while also boosting employee morale. There are many things you can do to promote energy throughout your small or medium business. Try some of these tips for quick results.

Energizing Tips for the Workplace

  • Encourage Movement. Five minutes of movement each hour can energize you and improve performance. Get up, walk around, or deliver a memo instead of sending an email.
  • Increase Intrinsic Motivation. Time clock software, such as that found at FingerCheck, can increase a sense of accomplishment with tasks including starting and finishing on time.
  • Acknowledge Accomplishments. Verbal or written recognition energizes people to achieve even more. Provide these regular, sincere pats on the back to let employees know they’re appreciated.
  • Lead by Example. As a manager, an energetic work ethic and leadership style will encourage employees to follow suit.

Is it Time for a Change?

Simple techniques, like the use of time clock software, can help your staff get rid of workplace doldrums and feel more energized each day.

Enthusiasm is contagious, and your clients are sure to benefit from dealing with staff members who exhibit excitement about their job and passion for your product or service.

Let us help you make appropriate changes to increase performance and energize employees this year.

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