With the economy on the upswing, competition for professional talent is fierce. The good news? Increasingly, top performers are interested in perks beyond the highest bidder. With the rise of the work/life integration mindset come opportunities for brands to impress and retain top talent in ways that will benefit their employees, culture, and bottom line for years to come. Below, three hot trends you should consider bringing to the table in your next recruiting session.

Mind the Gap When it Comes to Benefits

Top talent comes in all shapes and sizes, but be aware of generational differences in what employees look for. One thing that stays the same across age groups is that the majority of job seekers (between 75-80%) say they would be willing to negotiate on salary for a good experience, according to a recent study from Career Builder. The difference may lie in what that “good experience” entails. Research suggests that millennials want more hands-on benefits, such as tax preparation assistance and financial education programs. They also tend to value healthcare benefits more than some older workers. In contrast, Boomers favor the ability to cash out on these benefits, and would rather be more independent from their workplace.

Offer Workplace Flexibility

One perk beloved by Millennials and Boomers alike is workplace flexibility. A 2015 study from Workplacetrends.com and Career Arc found that 75% of employees and 74% of those unemployed ranked workplace flexibility as the most important benefit they desire. Interestingly enough, only 50% of employers polled ranked this as the top benefit they believed their employees desired.

The study also notes that many employers continue to express anxiety over offering remote work options, citing fear that the system will be abused as a top concern. We’ve already covered the fiscal and cultural value of flexible workplace options. It is also worth noting that time tracking and HR software has improved tremendously over the past few years. Within the past few months alone, FingerCheck has added dozens of features to its mobile and web-based time tracking applications that make monitoring remote workers increasingly simple and secure.

Philanthropy is Key

Millennials are especially keen on this benefit, but it’s safe to say most employees can get behind employers that are doing good. More and more, employees are expecting their employers to support volunteering. Strong philanthropy programs can generate good PR, which is a great way to get the attention of top talent.

More importantly, these efforts ensure employees feel better about their workplaces and more engaged. Employer subsidized volunteer programs are especially important in an age where employee turnover is rampant and expensive. Need help getting started? Check out this guide for tips on starting an office volunteer program.

The takeaway here is that employees want to be able to work in a way that fits their lifestyle and that they also want their work to be meaningful. With modern tools like web-based time tracking applications, employers can more easily embrace the trends of today. The dream-office of the future isn’t one bound by one brick and mortar location, or even one universal workday–it’s one built based on shared values. Build it, and they will come!

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