Just a few short weeks ago an estimated 1,855,000 students graduated from bachelor’s degree programs. That’s almost 2 million newly minted college graduates entering the workforce. Hiring a recent graduate can have all sorts of perks for business.

They’re Tech and Web Savvy The class of ‘15 grew up solidly in the Internet Age. They are comfortable with social media, understand mobile technology, and are more likely to have at least some programming knowledge. They also are accustomed to digital technology and are more familiar with the latest in software and hardware.

Willing to travel and/or Work Non-Traditional Schedules Recent grads have fewer commitments, are coming off four years of burning the midnight oil to get assignments done, and are open to new experiences–making them great candidates for demanding positions requiring travel, late nights, or weekends.

Diverse Ideas Bringing a fresh perspective to the office is a great way to shake things up. Not only do they have a unique generational view, but they also bring with them the ideas of the professors, who may be on the cutting edge of their fields.

Flexible and Agile Recent grads have limited experience, but that also means they have limited expectations. They are less likely to be set in one way of doing or thinking about things and are potentially more open to trying new things. When it comes to recruitment, some tips include:

Market The Company and Culture, Not The Job Recent grads know they don’t have much experience, and generally aren’t expecting to step right into the most thrilling role. Often the company has a broader appeal than the job itself. Market your company to potential talent as much as to clients.

Include quality photos of your office space, happy employees, and fun activities on your website or social accounts as a way to get grads visualizing a great experience with your team.

Offer Telecommuting Options Kill two birds with one stone with this benefit, which is attractive to prospective employees and can save your business money. Tools like FingerCheck’s time tracking mobile app or web punch time tracking software make it easier than ever to offer telecommuting options to your team.

Use Social Media Cultivate a social media presence that is professional and which reflects your values as a company. Post links to openings on your channels, and invite followers to share or tag potential candidates. LinkedIn is especially valuable as a network that candidates search for.

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