Once you decide to implement new programs, your human resources department invariably takes on additional new work. One specific program that takes a lot of your staff’s energy if you don’t have a strategy in place is a health and wellness plan; particularly one you put in place to help defray your company’s insurance costs.

At Fingercheck, we realize that it is beneficial to encourage staff—for both your benefit and theirs—to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle choices, but it is complicated for your HR department to track progress so you can readily report data to your insurance company. Stay ahead of each progress report to your insurance company by mining data from your Fingercheck tools that are at your disposal for just such reasons.

Your human resources department probably already keeps a store of data on employees, which might include general benefits, work history, personal leave, and more. Adding a detailed section for fitness and nutrition will feel like a natural way to find all the data you need to keep your health and wellness plan running on a schedule to make sure you keep up your company’s discounts and savings that you will pass along to each of your healthier plans and programs.

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