If you’re having some trouble getting through the working day after punching in on the online time clock, why not let some of these songs serve as inspiration? Even rock stars know the burden of working the nine to five, as you’ll see in these selections from our iPod’s “Work” playlist.

Working Day & Night

Like just about every track on Michael Jackson’s secretly greatest album Off the Wall, this 1979 track is an underrated gem, not as familiar as the hit-heavy Thriller but way more funky and danceable. Jackson is talking about a different kind of hustle here, but it’ll put some pep in your workday just the same.

Fit & Working Again

If you need some inspiration to put your head down and get back to the grind, here’s a jangly little tune from British punk rockers The Fall from their 1981 album Slates. Listen to this number and you’ll be fit and working again in no time.

Abolish Work

Swedish rock band The (International) Noise Conspiracy shares its lead vocalist with the Refused, the massively influential hardcore group that was also very outspoken about their leftist leanings. No surprise, then, that the Noise Conspiracy picks up where the Refused left off, calling for employees the world over to abolish the institution of work altogether in this 1999 cut. You can really stick it to the man by listening to this track in your headphones while pushing pencils at the desk.

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