At Fingercheck, we make sure our online time clock software is as easy to use and dependable as possible because we know everyone loves paydays, including some of our favorite musicians. Here are a couple of our favorite songs about cashing out.

Just Got Paid

“Just Got Paid” is a popular song title–everyone from N’Sync to Chief Keef has used it–but we’re talking specifically about ZZ Top’s version from their 1972 album Rio Grande Mud. It’s a song about the simple joy of having a “pocket full of change,” although it acknowledges “It’s the root of evil and you know the rest, but it’s way ahead of what’s second best.” Also, be sure to check out Steve Albini’s arrangement from 1988’s Two Nuns and a Pack Mule.

The Big Royalty Check

Commonly known as The Bang Records Sessions, Van Morrison’s 1967 shelved record is easily the least celebrated of his entire career. In order to fulfill his contractual obligation to Bang Records before signing with Warner, Morrison sat in the studio, recorded 31 (nearly identical) improvised songs on the spot, and walked away from Bang Records forever. Among these non-hits are “Want a Danish,” “Ring Worm” and “The Big Royalty Check,” in which Morrison laments, “I’m waiting for my royalty check to come / And it still hasn’t come yet / It’s about a year overdue.”

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