As a key resource for leading business, we’re always interested to discover new information about how to cultivate a rewarding corporate culture and improve productivity in the workplace.

Our advanced software, optimized to help managers easily collect, monitor, and act on time clock data, syncs best with users who employ best practices for happiness and productivity.

It’s easiest to implement solutions based on the information our software provides in offices that house dedicated, passionate, and enthusiastic teams. So, given the clear benefits of working toward greater employee satisfaction, what are the best ways to promote happiness in the office?

A recent article from Forbes by contributor Martin Zwilling outlines some effective strategies. Citing psychologist and author Ron Friedman, the article notes that more frequent rewards are better for long-term happiness, even if those rewards are smaller than their less frequent counterparts.

It also argues that life experiences, like wine tastings or vacations, are more meaningful and boost happiness more than material objects of similar value. Well-informed leaders equipped with the right technology are in the best position to start off a successful 2015 this January.

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