For many industries, summer is the slow season. That can be a good thing, as it offers business owners a chance to unwind and regenerate from the busy spring. It can also offer a head start on diving back into work, getting a jump on the preparations, and planning for your busier months. Here are some ideas to get you moving and get your office geared up!

Start Recruiting

Fewer organizations recruit during the summer, which means less competition for great talent. If you hire now, your new recruits will have time to get acclimated and go through any necessary training before things get hectic. As everyone gets busy, these new recruits will be able to keep cool and stay productive.

Revise Your Employee Handbook

Too many employee handbooks are outdated. Many even refer to rules or policies no one really adheres to anymore. Take this chance to go through your handbook and revise it as needed–or even rewrite it! A new, clearer guide sends a message to employees that you are on the ball, and facilitates clearer communication.

Update Your Time Tracking Software

It’s the perfect time to go ahead and explore the latest options for streamlining essential HR functions, like timekeeping. This is especially true if you’re interested in expanding your remote workforce or offering flexible work options to current employees. The most cutting edge HR software offers all kinds of neat features to help manage and track employees in and out of the traditional office or hours.

Freshen Up and Restock Marketing Materials

Spruce up your marketing materials before tradeshow and event season hits. This means printing business cards for team members (especially in sales or client relations), making sure you have a brochure for visitors, and even stocking up on “swag” such as pens or notepads. How are you prepping for fall? Have you had enough “slow” days yet?

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