No time is better than the New Year for a fresh start. Each and every person working for you have personal and professional goals they’re most likely working toward this year, and now is the perfect opportunity to encourage their growth. Whether it’s leading a healthier lifestyle or learning new skills, you can create a culture that allows your workforce to flourish. Here are some options to consider:

1. Offer advancement opportunities

Invest in your employees by implementing training programs for better skill development. Promoting continuing education in the workplace demonstrates your commitment to helping your employees grow in their current roles and beyond, and will educate and prime them for greater responsibility in your company. Through such programs, you can retain happy employees, enjoy a more highly skilled workforce, and identify future leaders.

2.  Provide flexible work schedules

How many of your employees would benefit from having a more flexible work schedule? If you and your employees are willing to meet in the middle, you may be able to accommodate their needs and your own. Flexible scheduling is a benefit valued by employees and can make a world of difference in alleviating their stress points and improving their work/life balance. Plus, studies show that workers who are allowed to work remotely are more productive and satisfied with their job.

3. Help them stay healthy

Research shows that health impacts productivity, and getting healthy is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. In order to keep the momentum going, do your part to encourage healthy habits. Encourage breaks to keep employees moving, provide employees with a water cooler to stay hydrated, and cater to an emphasis on health. Also, discourage “toughing it out” when employees are sick. Instead, make an effort to show concern for their health. If their workload can’t wait, try to provide options to work from home, and track their time with flexible web-based time tracking like FingerCheck.

4. Ask them for their input

If you really want to help your employees achieve their goals, communication is key. One employee might have their sights set on a writing workshop while another might be trying to earn a certification to further accredit themselves. Find out how they want to become stronger and if justifiable, agree to dedicate resources to help these goals come to fruition. A workplace that openly gives back to its employees creates an immeasurable sense of community, productivity, and appreciation. Help your employees on their journey to self-improvement, and in exchange for your support, your company will thrive with engagement and loyalty.

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