Whether you are composing an email to a client or a press release for your company, if your job requires you to write on a regular basis, and many do, you are going to face the inevitable writer’s block at times.

With the right strategies, you can overcome a writer’s block when it happens, allowing you to remain productive.

Take a creativity break.

Doing anything that’s creative, but not writing, can get those creative juices flowing. Build a website, paint a picture, or tackle that building project writing for you in your garage. Get permission to sign off of your time clock and do something creative for a bit.

Get active.

Writing and office work are both very passive activities. Nothing moves except your fingers. Get your body moving and your mind will relax and become open to writing again. Use your lunch break to take a walk or get out of your chair and do some stretching to stimulate your mind.

Put yourself on the clock.

It’s amazing how quickly the writer’s block disappears when you are on a tight deadline. Use online time clock software like FingerCheck to put yourself on the clock and create some accountability for how you are using your time.

Eliminate distractions.

Turn off your phone, stay away from social media, and focus entirely on your writing project for a set period of time. You’ll be surprised how quickly the writer’s block will disappear.

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