If you’re like most Americans, you spend most of your waking hours at work. To some, that fact alone is depressing enough to consider, but most Americans, at least according to a recent Gallup poll, also don’t feel engaged at work while they’re there.

Being unhappy at work isn’t just a drag to experience, it also leads to less efficient employees producing sub-par results. If you’re finding it increasingly difficult to drag yourself to the office or clock in on the web clock, try these tips for happier employment.

1. Talk to your coworkers.

A recent British study found the people who are happiest at work are the ones who socialize with their coworkers. Even casual interactions can lead to a happier day overall.

2. Work together.

Similarly, it helps to share your workload, not just your weekends, with your peers. Teamwork makes work both less stressful and more rewarding. Shared success is better than solo success and shared failure will provide you with the support needed to get up and try again.

3. Leave some time to step away from work.

Go out for lunch (with your coworkers, if possible), take a walk to the coffee shop, or just around the block–just make sure you aren’t sitting at your desk all day long. Taking a break will help you combat getting burned out both mentally and physically.

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