Before you hire an employee, you have to check their history for any red flags. Background checks have become an integral part of the hiring process, and that’s why we’ve added the background checks tool as a part of Applicant Tracking in Fingercheck’s Workforce Management Solution.

Here are a few facts about background checks:

  • 43% of employers wait for the results of a background check before hiring an employee
  • 39% of employers screen candidates after hiring them
  • 92% of employers that find something of concern in the background check will address it with the candidate before continuing the hiring process
  • The other 8% will immediately disqualify the candidate without asking any questions

The great thing about the background checks from Fingercheck is how easy it is to use. Every aspect of the hiring process, including background checks, is located within the same module that all of the hiring managers in the company have access to. You can initiate the background check at any point in the hiring process and the results will later be available on that same screen.

Learn more about Applicant Tracking and the other features of Fingercheck’s Human Resources tool. Click on the image above to go to our step-by-step guide to using background checks on Fingercheck.

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