Distractions that lure you and your employees away from work can greatly reduce performance and production. A few simple changes in work habits and the tools used to promote productivity can help you avoid distractions at work.

Tips and Tools for Staying Focused at Work

  • Email-Checking Habits. Checking work email is important, but when employees do it every few minutes it interrupts concentration and decreases productivity. Encourage designated email-checking times to avoid interrupting workflow.
  • Social Media. Encourage the use of social media for business goals, while equipping employees with software that shows how time spent on personal social media is taking away from their focus.
  • Time Management. Improve time management skills by supplying employees with a tool that shows them how their time is used. Software time clock programs or apps, such as those FingerCheck, help employees see exactly how their time is being used.

Benefits of Maintaining Focus at Work

Although increased performance and productivity is an obvious benefit of being focused at work, it’s not the only benefit you and your employees can enjoy. Improvements in productivity and performance will cause a ripple effect that leads to greater job satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment, and increased employee morale. This cycle of success will continue to produce multiple benefits at the individual employee level, as well as company-wide.

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