As we gear up for Valentine’s Day, it’s important to remember celebrating your employees in addition to your loved ones. And, as we are still in uncertain times with the COVID-19 pandemic, remembering those employees who are remote and hybrid is a sweet way to recognize their contributions to the team.

1. Send a smile 🙂

Remember those talking hearts from elementary school? Free online e-cards, like these from BlueMountain, are one of the fastest and easiest ways to show your employees that you appreciate them.

2. Fuel some fun!

Designate some time to let your employees relax, mingle, and socialize this Valentine’s Day. For a cup-of-Joe that’ll have your team buzzing, you’ll please your top performers with a caffeinated surprise from Two Rivers Coffee, Co.

3. Sweeten up the celebration

Games are a great way to engage your employees. For a Valentine’s-themed giveaway, fill a jar with conversation hearts and ask your employees to submit their guess as to how many are in the jar. (A photo can be shared by email or during an online meeting.) The person who guesses the closest wins a prize, like a box of candy. Check out Fame Chocolates for a sweet treat that can’t be beat.

4. Go nuts for your go-getters

Nuts for nuts? You can’t go wrong with the gift trays from We Go Nuts! Dried fruit and crunchy cashews make a healthy snack for almost any employee.

5. Send a self-care surprise

Self-care is healthcare. If you have an assistant or employee who works tirelessly, day in and day out, give him or her a gift (or gift card) from the beauty mavens at BombD Aesthetics. From soaps that sparkle to lotions they’ll love, these personal beauty products will make any employee smile.

6. Dress up those desks

Working from home can be dreary. Add a potted plant to brighten up your employees’ desks. With a gift from your local florist, a no-mess plant is sure to perk up their day.

7. Make lunch local

Full bellies often translate to smiling faces. If your employees are local, send out gift cards for a nearby restaurant that can deliver to multiple locations. You can then invite everyone to a virtual lunch party to play games or tell everyone just enjoy the break.

8. Surprise them with swag!

Every employee loves getting company swag, whether it be a t-shirt, hoodie, or more quirky items like an umbrella or keychain. Not only will they love the gesture, whenever they use it, but your company will also get a shout-out.

Not sure where to start? Promofect has the top-quality apparel your people will love at a price that’ll fit your firm’s pocketbook.

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