If your business’s digital presence is nonexistent or lackluster, you’re missing out on the opportunity to attract new customers, connect with existing customers, and promote your business on the world’s biggest platform. Here are five ways to strengthen your business’s digital impact:

Create a nice website

In the age of DIY, creating a website is no longer a major project to be outsourced to a professional agency. You can build your own professional website by utilizing platforms like Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and more. These sites make it easy to design and finesse your very own site and offer lots of stylish pre-made templates and endless customizations, such as simple drag-and-drop features, video backgrounds, optimized one-page checkout, and more. Be sure to do some research before choosing a platform, as not all website builders are made equal.

Post meaningful content

Many organizations looking to build a strong digital presence don’t only want to promote their products — they also want to make their website a trustworthy source of news and information. If you’re interested in attracting repeat visitors and readers, posting meaningful content is key. You’ll want to continually update your website with interesting, relevant multimedia that informs, educates, and entertains in order to build your brand’s impact. Develop your own voice and keep up with the site consistently in order to constantly churn out new interesting information.

Get active on social media

If you’re on a mission to market your business, put yourself on the map by establishing your brand on all social media channels. Adding pages on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter will add visibility and offer you several platforms where you can post content. In order to generate an active fanbase, you’ll need to think creatively. There is no shortage of articles on how to drive traffic to your channels, but the main point is to engage. Follow pages, initiate partnerships for cross-promotions and content exchanges, and post pictorial content regularly (people respond to images). Holding contests can be helpful too!

Get mentioned

Nothing helps your brand more than word-of-mouth, especially from businesses with their own fanbase. In order to procure referrals and positive press, it’s important to mine for engagement opportunities. For instance, FingerCheck uses the database HARO (Help a Reporter Out) in order to find expert sources for our stories. When we use a company’s submission, we credit them and link out to their page. This is beneficial for both parties involved, as it helps make our articles more credible and insightful, and spreads their authorship. Aside from HARO, you can make connections through social channels like LinkedIn, or go to good old fashioned networking events to introduce yourself to new businesses.

Encourage reviews

Customer feedback is crucial, and when it’s present online, others will see it. Monitor your reviews and respond to both positive and negative reviews in order to demonstrate your attentiveness and appreciation for their comments. Look into reported issues and investigate on behalf of wrong-done customers, never settling for anything less than the truth. Keep up with your company’s image and take an active role in how your company is portrayed online. The internet is a worldwide platform on which you can promote your business — no time is better to start than today! These tips are basic but essential in enhancing your digital presence.

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