Research from Gallup shows that employees who use their strengths at work outperform employees that don’t. Employees who are given the chance to do what they excel at are eight percent more productive, six times more likely to be engaged at work, and three times as likely to report a high quality of life overall. Yet, many workplaces are still stuck in a weakness-based culture, where the focus is on fixing what individuals are doing wrong.

The following suggestions can help you adapt your culture to draw from your employees’ talents:

Ask and Assess

The first step in building a strengths-based workplace culture is to ask individuals what their strengths are and whether they feel they have opportunities to use them in their current position. You may be pleasantly surprised by some of the unknown talents in your office! Next, assess their work overall and see if you can spot any areas they really excel in. Ask yourself whether that opportunity to excel emerged out of a routine function of their role or whether it was something they had to “sneak in.”

Reshape Roles for Individuals

If an employee consistently seems to be struggling, their job performance may be lackluster due to a lack of real opportunities to use their strengths. Consider reshaping or adjusting their role to better fit them. If the core requirements of the role and the core strengths of the employee are incompatible, consider reassigning the employee to a more appropriate role–chances are, you’ll both be happier.

Use Your Strengths

The saying “Work smarter, not harder” applies to the workplace! If you’re a manager, play to your strengths by automating the workforce management tasks that take up far too much of your time. FingerCheck360 is one of the premier solutions offering full payroll and time tracking in one easy to use web-based system. You can access FingerCheck360 online or via any tablet or mobile device, and built-in are all the tools, tax forms, etc. employees need to self-onboard, plus additional features like applicant tracking to make hiring a breeze. Taking a strengths-based managerial approach can help you boost productivity and give your employees opportunities to excel. Consider adopting a more positively focused business model today!

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