Here are some harmless, yet hilarious pranks perfect for the office.

1. Scare the living daylights out of them with a horrifying image tucked into their desk drawer.

2. Brighten the conference room up a little with a surprise balloon party.

3. Put some googly eyes on all the food in the fridge for some tame fun.

4. Create an intruder who by the end of the day, has worn out their welcome.

5. Transform a workspace into a shrine for the office cat lady…

Or a big David Hasselhoff fan. The key is to exaggerate their well-known quirks.

6. Affix an air horn to the base of their office chair…

Or tape to the wall as a door stopper!

7. Bring a “new” office gift that’s supposedly voice activated! Right?

8. Watch frustration ensue by blocking their mouse sensor using a diabolical Post-it note…

Or Nicholas Cage.

9. Quite literally, troll your coworkers.

10. Dress grapes up as chocolate easter eggs.

11. Tape a horrifying image to the ceiling (note the clever design – it fits perfectly).

12. Give their desktop accessories a yummy makeover.

13. Secretly place bubble wrap under their doormat (teehee).

14. Treat them to a box of delicious… vegetables and fruits.

15. Change the office Wi-Fi name to something double-take worthy.

All it takes is one great April Fool’s prank to go down in history at your job.  Happy April Fool’s from our office to yours!

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