By: Fingercheck Jun 26, 2014

New Version of Fingercheck App Now Available!

Attention all businesses: Fingercheck’s app for iPhone and Android has been updated and is better than ever!

FingerCheck iPhone app

New features included in this version include:

  • Push notifications
  • Search by department job
  • View punch notes

One special feature of the Fingercheck mobile app is that the GPS location of an employee is recorded, ensuring that the time is accurate. While we would like to assume that most people would be honest about the time that they clock in, unfortunately, that is not always the case. By capturing employees’ GPS location, you know that they’re where they’re supposed to be, whether it’s in the office or out on a job site.

Both the Android app and the iPhone app have new, sleek design to improve user experience and make it so that even the most tech-challenged folks can easily navigate through the Fingercheck app.

The app is just one of several methods of clocking in, so workers without an iPhone or Android device – don’t worry. Workers can also clock into the online time clock on a computer, time clock terminal, Twitter, text message, or phone call. Visit for all of the details.

Specifically designed for small to mid-sized businesses, Fingercheck is an all-in-one solution for Payroll, HR, Time Tracking & everything in between.

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