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A Mobile Time Clock for Traveling Employees

A Mobile Time Clock simplifies out-of-office time tracking. Whether you’re traveling across the world for a conference or across town for a meeting, you can clock in with FingerCheck’s online time clock. For iPhone and Android users, FingerCheck has an employee time clock app for employees to access their time clock directly from their smartphone or tablet. Employees can also clock in via Twitter, SMS, online, by calling, or with a biometric time clock.

A GPS Time Clock for Location Tracking

FingerCheck’s GPS Time Clock records employees’ location when they clock in and out. This feature is ideal to help managers keep track of employees that are out of the office. Managers can even set push notifications for employees working out of the office so that they’ll get alerts pertaining to time tracking activity. Similarly, if the manager is out of the office, he or she can keep tabs on employees back at the office.

Contact FingerCheck to Learn More

For more information on FingerCheck’s time tracking app and online time clock, send an email to info@FingerCheck.com or call 1-800-610-9501. Take advantage of our 30-day free trial so that you can test our time clock software before signing up!

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