By: Fingercheck Nov 06, 2014

Introducing The Fingercheck Web App

One of the many ways that Fingercheck is keeping you connected to your workforce is by making it easy to access the application no matter where you are and what device you are using. That’s right! You don’t need the latest iPhone or Android device to access your FingerCheck application. All you need is a

All you need is a web-connected mobile touch device, and you can log into your system from anywhere. BlackBerry, Windows, and Amazon Phone, can now have the comforts of the mobile app. If you have certain employees that don’t have the ability to be at a time clock to punch in or out, you can authorize them to utilize the mobile site, to perform those basic activities.

FingerCheck Web App Screenshot

It’s as easy as typing in into your device’s browser and logging in with your credentials. Virtually any web-enabled smartphone or tablet will have you connected to the information you need to manage your staff right at your fingertips.

Helpful Hint: Once you access the Fingercheck Mobile App on your device’s browser, simply add it as a favorite and select “Add To Your Home Screen”. Now, you will have the Fingercheck icon right on one of your home screens for convenient access. The next time you need to log in, simply click on the FingerCheck icon and launch it like an app.

Fingercheck’s Mobile access allows authorized staff the ability to manage their time and attendance activities without having to be attached to their desk. The Mobile site provides access to Clock Punch functionality and the ability to review Daily Details of who is clocked in and where they are working. With a simple click, you can clock staff in and out, you can transfer hours between departments, jobs, and tasks.

Another key piece of functionality for busy supervisors and administrators is the ability to review and approve timesheets from their mobile devices.

How often do you find yourself tied up in meetings or out of the office at the close of a pay period and you have not yet had a chance to review and approve staff timesheets. With Fingercheck mobile, you can accomplish that critical task no matter where you find yourself at the end of the pay period.

It’s as easy as selecting Review Timesheets, then choosing the employee(s) to review as shown:

FingerCheck Web App 3

From here, you can review the hours for the selected employee. If additions or changes are required, simply click on a specific day in question and edit the time as necessary.

With FingerCheck Mobile, you will never find yourself unable to take care of business when you are on the go. As long as you have a smartphone with an internet capability, you can manage your staff and access your company information wherever you are, day or night.

From Clock In to Cash Out, Fingercheck keeps you connected.

Please Note: The Fingercheck Mobile App is still in a Beta Version. While we have smoothed over most potential issues, your continued feedback and issue reporting are critical to our development efforts. If you find any issues while using the Mobile site, please contact and let us know. With your help, we will continue to provide world-class service and top-notch business productivity and management products.

Specifically designed for small to mid-sized businesses, Fingercheck is an all-in-one solution for Payroll, HR, Time Tracking & everything in between.

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