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 NYC Adopts Pay Transparency

New York City has joined several other U.S. cities with its own pay transparency law. Employers in the Big Apple now must modify how they advertise job openings. NYC’s Salary Transparency Law is the latest addition to a suite of anti-discrimination protections for New Yorkers who are seeking employment. The law went into effect on …

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How Construction Companies Can Do HR Better

Does HR in the construction industry differ from HR in other industries? Yes, it does because construction is inherently risky and safety is crucial in the construction industry. Successful construction businesses have HR teams that understand and emphasize the importance of ensuring safety, monitoring federal and state payroll regulations, and maintaining both compliance records and …

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Q3 Ends Soon: Are You Ready?

The third quarter ends on Friday, September 30th. Here are 6 Tips to avoid any issues with your company’s quarterly tax filings. TIP #1: PROCESS YOUR PAYROLL EARLY TO AVOID PENALTIES AND FEES. At the end of each quarter, it’s critical that you close all open payrolls, particularly those with voids. Remember: Any open payrolls …

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Run Payroll With One Click

At Fingercheck, pleasing our customers is paramount. That’s why we launched Fingercheck’s Feature Request forum and, based on your responses, we’re thrilled to bring you our latest batch of bug fixes and feature updates. Web and Mobile: Payroll Processing Extension This update allows you to extend your payroll processing deadline to 8:30 pm. Eastern time …

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Hiring Challenges in the New Post-COVID Reality

This month, the U.S. Department of Labor revealed a surprising statistic: unfilled and available job openings now outnumber unemployed Americans. In June, the number of unfilled job openings rose to 10.1 million, the highest level ever recorded. Meanwhile, the number of unemployed Americans rose to 8.7 million. This paradoxical discrepancy has many HR recruiters scratching …

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