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How to Find the Best Job Candidate

A CareerBuilder study found that inadequate hire costs 41 percent of the companies surveyed around $25,000. Applying best practices in your interview process helps reduce that risk and improves your bottom line.

Great Interviewer Techniques:

Ask Open-ended Questions

Consider the following two versions of the same question: “Tell me about a time when you dealt with an unsatisfied customer” or “are you good at dealing with unsatisfied customers?” The open-ended question is stronger because it requires the potential hire to give evidence to their customer relations experience.  The close-ended question lets the candidate say they are good with customer relations without giving evidence.

Let the Candidate Speak First

Save the company description until the end of the interview.  This way, candidates won’t try to give you answers you want to hear based on your description of the company.

Find Out what The Candidate Knows

Ask a question that involves your company or your industry.  This will help determine how much time a candidate has taken to research your industry and stay up-to-date with the latest issues.  If the candidate is well-informed about your company, they are probably more invested in the job than someone who is less informed

After hiring employees, ensuring their punctuality and attendance comes next.  Use employee time clock software to streamline your attendance management needs.

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