By: Fingercheck Oct 16, 2013

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Commute

It’s been said everyone in the world has the same least favorite commute: their own. No one likes train delays, crowded subway cars, or standing outside in the middle of winter waiting for a bus or elevated train.

On the other hand, public transportation has a number of advantages over other forms of commuting. No matter how bad traffic gets above ground, for example, the trains are still running underneath. And no matter how much the cost of a gallon of gas rises, a MetroCard remains $2.50 a ride. (Well, for now anyway.) Plus, if you’re bringing your tablets and mobile devices with you, you can fill them with content to make even the longest commute bearable.

Load up on your favorite music or podcasts: Comedy fans have plenty to choose from, including Comedy Bang Bang and Doug Loves Movies. Interview shows abound, but you could do worse than WTF with Marc Maron and By the Way with Jeff Garlin. And feature journalism fans should check out NPR’s long-running This American Life, hosted by Ira Glass, or 99% Invisible, produced by Roman Mars.

If you prefer to read your stories rather than listen to them, stock up on magazine articles from around the web before you go underground. Or bring some television shows or movies to watch on the bus. And if you’re feeling the crunch of rush hour, try to beat the traffic by getting to work a bit early and enjoying a coffee or breakfast before clocking in on your online time clock.

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