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We know that hospitality industries face different challenges than most. Customer satisfaction is a driving force in your business, and no one is more central to customer satisfaction than your employees. However, ensuring your company’s success isn’t as simple as making sure attendance is consistent. You have to decide how many people to schedule for each day, and balancing scheduling with labor costs, operating expenses, and overtime expenditures can quickly become a herculean task. Without the resources to pinpoint exactly where you’re losing money, time abuses and excess costs may be going by unnoticed.

FingerCheck’s hospitality time and attendance software can help you take control of your time and attendance so you can reduce costly errors and employee trends. From hotels and cruise lines, to event venues and casinos, all types of businesses in the hospitality and entertainment industries can use FingerCheck’s online time clock and employee management solution.

How Hospitality Time and Attendance Software Works

With FingerCheck, you have access to real-time data so you can take stock of your workforce needs day-to-day and adjust employee scheduling accordingly. You can also run reports on your employees’ attendance to identify troubling habits that could be leading to employee time theft. FingerCheck gives you ultimate control in overseeing your staff’s attendance habits with the use of customized punch alerts. Using these alerts, you can see which employers are clocking in and out on time, early, or late, and even be notified when employees are about to go into overtime.

Employees have their own advantages with FingerCheck. A myriad of clocking options are available to them, including by biometric time clock, computer, from their smartphone using the FingerCheck mobile app, and by tablet using the FingerCheck Time Clock app. All of these methods come with security measures to ensure the identity of the worker clocking in, eradicating buddy punching and other costly time abuses. Through the system’s Employee Self Service option, employees can request PTO, access their schedules, and review their time worked online or on the mobile app. Managers oversee all employee activity and can even set alerts. Time tracking has never been easier! FingerCheck’s Hospitality Time and Attendance software makes employee management simple.

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Time Attendance for Hotels

Whether you’re an international chain or an independent, local business, FingerCheck’s time clock for hotels has all of the complex functionality that you need to oversee your employee attendance. As a business owner having to contend with multiple types of shifts, different job functions, and varying pay rates, FingerCheck’s comprehensive workforce management solution can help you configure these complex work arrangements so billing is simple and payroll is always accurate.

A Portable Construction Time Clock

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