If you’re lucky enough to find yourself working for a company that invests in its staff, you still should make learning new skills a priority. Today, with so many Americans working from home, the chance to do that has never been better.

Sure, we all want to sharpen our skills or develop a new one to stay professionally relevant and competitive. But now, finding the time for it –is no longer impossible. Working remotely presents a great opportunity to put all the time saved from commuting and countless meetings to good use! More and more, people are taking the time to learn a new skill or brush up on those they already have.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of online resources to learn just about anything you can think of. From coding to online writing classes, there are many things to choose from (and learn). Heck, you could even learn a new language! In addition, online sites like Class Central offer a wide variety of online courses. Best of all, many of them are free. Those that aren’t can often be written off as a business expense.

Remote Work Is a Skill – Hire for It

If the pandemic made businesses realize anything, it’s that remote work – works! It’s beneficial in many ways, and it’s here to stay. So if you’re a hiring manager, you should view remote work as a skill because it is!

Remote employees are skillful communicators. If you weren’t one before working remotely, you’d likely be forced into becoming one. It also makes you exceptionally resourceful. As a remote worker, you now are your own office manager. You will need to solve your own computer issues, manage meetings/calls and stay on schedule without the ability to pass tasks off to a colleague or other office staffers.

Remote workers show a level of preparedness that should be sought out as a desired skill and quality of job applicants. In addition, they demonstrate a strong work ethic which is a critical characteristic to have to succeed and any employee. Communicating in today’s world is unlimited and easier than ever before. Prospective employers should embrace this change as a positive one and reap its benefits.

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